Reportedly the brightest talent that is up and coming in Bollywood, actor Zaira Wasim who shot to fame in ‘Dangal’ and has also done a couple of films, has announced she is quitting films. The young actor said that although she fitted perfectly into films, she did not belong here. The actor called it quits after five years in Bollywood.

The actor felt the the line of the field did not allow her to associate with her ‘imaan’ (faith) and she felt her relationship with her religion threatened. She said her decision to quit Bollywood was due to religious reasons.

Wasim found both supporters and detractors in the wake of her decision. While Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon criticized her decision, others like former J&K CM Omar Abdullah supported her, stating it was for her to decide.

Veteran actor Anupam Kher felt that the choice was her’s. Although he was saddened by her decision, he said nobody could question her choices in life. He wished her all the best and that she would do whatever made her happy. Some of them felt faith had nothing to do with artistic ability, and her remarks have given room for bigotry on both sides.

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