A sushi stall at the Wellington Railway Station became the site for a nest for a pair of penguins, before they were found by authorities and returned to their natural habitat. Police said they had received reports about a little blue penguin at the city centre, which was later taken and released into the harbor.

The enterprising penguin brought another companion the next day, and the waddling couple started building a nest beneath the sushi stall at the railway station. The penguins had most probably crossed four busy  lanes to reach their ‘fishy’ haven. Another possibility was that they could have entered the sushi stall through the freshwater pipes. An employee at the stall said that the penguins had most likely hidden near the shop’s nice, warm grills.

The police lured the penguins with pieces of salmon, temporarily detained them, and later sent the sea-birds back to the waters. Wildlife officers sealed all nooks and crannies of the sushi stall, to prevent the penguins from re-entering.

The penguins were about to enter their breeding season and were looking for a safe place to lay their eggs in. Penguins do nest under people’s houses. The little blue penguins are the smallest species of flightless sea-birds, standing ten inches tall and weighing about one kilogram.

Fairy penguins are native to New Zealand but are considered at risk, as development encroaches  upon their environment. Dogs are considered the main threat to penguins’ safety. Penguins normally base themselves along the rugged coastlines.

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