The latest report by the Comptroller and Auditor-General of India stated that the Tamil Nadu Government has been forced to return Rs.3,676.55 crore, out of the Rs. 5,920.39 crore allocated by the Center for schemes to be implemented in the state for 2017-18. The funds included housing for the poor and the under-privileged, besides the socio-economic status of the marginalized society.

The state government admitted delay in identifying beneficiaries to be the cause for non-utilization of funds. Several eligible candidates, identified according to their socio-economic status, caste census and guidelines for the scheme, did not have land of their own and hence could not be given funds. There was delay in utilization of funds, slow progress of work and schemes which could not be completed within the stipulated time.

Rs.2,394 crore was returned under the PM Awaz Yojana Scheme to provide pucca houses to the homeless. Rs. 758 crore basic grants to village panchayats were returned. Rs.247.84 crore was returned under a special plan of  MGNREGS for upliftment of tribals. Rs.194.78 crore allotted as performance grants for rural local bodies was returned. Rs. 97.65 crore under the TN Rural Transformation Project was returned. Rs.23.84 crore under TN Women Development project  to back self-help groups was returned

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