TMC Indulges in Hooliganism

Two sisters were manhandled violently in West Bengal for objecting to land-grab by TMC panchayat chief

TMC Indulges in Hooliganism

The violence against women runs unabated in this country as no amount of public outcry and outrage has ensafed lives. The truth has a dull resonance that justice will take it's route and the perpetrators will enjoy leniency for however long possible, aided and abetted by the law and order and the slow hand of the judiciary.

Political aggression and violation of law is being committed time and again by the privileged political class. They enjoy the safety net the maximum every time a crime emerges. A woman was recently seen tied at the knees and dragged down a country road by a group of men, led by a Trinamool Congress panchayat leader.

Smritikona Das is a teacher at Fata Nagar village, in the Gangarampur police station area of South Dinajpur district. Her elder sister Soma Das rushed to her rescue.  She too was shoved to the ground and dragged to where her sister was lying. The two sisters in their twenties, were told that the road being built in front of their house would be 12 feet wide. However, the panchayat allegedly allowed for the width to be increased to 24 feet,which would encroach upon their land.

The women objected as road-rollers and bull dozers started their work.  The shocking outcome of their objection was the treatment they received at the hands of the panchayat leader and his goons. Smritikona Das filed a police complaint, after which Trinamool district chief Arpita Ghosh ordered the suspension of the TMC panchayat chief, Amal Sarkar from his office.