The Assam floods devastated people, animals, and property like. The deluge left animals from the Kaziranga National Park running helter-skelter, and desperately trying to escape from drowning. Over 95 per cent of the National Park was submerged and the animals left hapless. Most of them were left without shelter, and they were forced to look for refuge in human habitations.

A Royal Bengal Tiger was found sitting atop a bed at a shop in Harmoti near the Bagori range of the World Heritage Site along National Highway 37.  As the tiger was captured on video, the images were widely circulated on social media. A veterinary doctor was dispatched to try and tranquilize the tiger, to get him out of the bed.The tiger was apparently tired and exhausted after battling the floods

The tiger entered the shop of Rafikul Islam in the morning and was noticed relaxing on his bed. The tiger was only being monitored and not disturbed. The Forest Department officials were waiting for the tiger to leave on it’s own. Otherwise, they said they would make attempts to shift it into the forests.

Several animals including the endangered one-horned rhino were killed in the floods that engulfed wide swathes of Assam. Many parts of the Manas National Park and Probitora Wildlife Sanctuary  were flooded and elephants, rhinos,  wild boars and deer were forced to take refuge in the artificial highlands constructed within the park, or migrate to the southern highlands of Karbi Anglong hills.

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