Residents of Nilgiris will open their homes to tourists -both foreign and local. The Tourism department has re-introduced the ‘bed and breakfast’ concept and home-stays at affordable prices.

Though the practice was in existence earlier in Ooty and other hill stations, it became defunct later, a decade ago.  The Union Ministry however initiated a scheme called ‘Incredible India bed and breakfast/home stay establishments across the country, which the locals are not aware of.

The scheme is being re-launched in the interest of the locals and tourists. The visibility will be more in tourist destinations.The scheme is in the final stage of approval from the government. The local residents can register with the tourism department.

Based on the guidelines, a regional classification committee will inspect the bed and breakfast/home-stay establishments by considering the facilities and services available. Approval would be granted if they meet the standards, facilities, services and documents as prescribed in the guidelines. The initiative would be a great experience for tourists to experience the local culture and customs, and a great opportunity to boost the economy.

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