After the blistering heat of summer, people are more than willing to welcome the cool winds and the chill that accompany the rains. Yes, the monsoons are here to stay, for a while, at least. Every season brings it’s own challenges. While the weather is at it’s best and it is time to enjoy the rains, what becomes essential is also to ensure that you stay on top.

Come rains, and there are puddles and mud, slushy from the rainwater, splattering your outfit and footwear. While you may have to alter your fashion sense a little, step into a simpler look without taking away the charm of the outfit.

Make sure you look light and bright. You don’t want to be wearing denim or other heavy fabrics that will pull you down, and are difficult to wash and dry in the wetness of the monsoons. Wear nylon and other blended fabrics that are easy to dry. Also silk and cotton are best for the wet climatic conditions.

Wear dark and bold colours that can lift the dreariness of gloomy, grey and cloudy skies. Wear sporty and biker tees in flashy neons, florescent, cheery canany yellow,fuschia, midnight blue, orange and vermilion hues. Abstract, Aztec patterns, chevron patterns and checks, paisley prints and stripes, even plain candy shades, are great to wear in this weather.

You can wear printed dresses, playsuits, and tops with shorts. Besides, do not wear long kurtis, especially below the knees. Tunics are your ‘go-to’ friends this season. Cropped pants and cut-off shorts are apt for the rains.

Avoid leather during this season as the material is sure to spoil. Also avoid wearing linen during the monsoons. The fabric has a tendency to shrink and stick to the skin.

Ensure comfortable fabrics to keep that smile on your face. Keeping in mind the breathability of the fabric, nylon, polyester and rayon jackets can be worn to avoid absorbing water, provided you are not stewing inside. Your jackets can be water-proof or water-resistant, and they can protect your body for a short while. The classic trench coats are ideal as they are practical and functional.

You can store away your stilettos and other fancy heels. Opt for knee-high boots as they can protect your legwear. The usual trend among office-goers is to carry their formals with them to work and then wear them. Wear flip-flops for very casual outings. You can invest in water-proof ballerinas and comfortable willies. Stay tuned in with colour- blocking. Neons rule the streets in the rainy season, and rubber and plastic are the preferred footwear. Quirky prints also add an element of fun to your otherwise dull day.

Gum-boots come in a plethora of colours. You can opt for neon green, pink and also transparent colours. If you want steady feet on slippery roads with the pitter-patter of steady rain, opt for rubber sneakers which are colourful, comfortable and sporty.

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