A huge meteorite, the size of a football, fell into a  rice field in Bihar’s Madhubani district.  Farmers were working in the paddy fields when the meteorite landed from the sky with a huge noise, startling the farmers. Onlookers seeing the light brown object fled from the fields.

The meteorite fell into the field,creating a four-feet-deep crater. The farmers returned after the smoke subsided and pulled out the rock from it’s four- feet deep crater. Madhubani district magistrate Shirsat Kapil Ashok said that the villagers observed the meteorite had strong magnetic properties, it shone and weighed around 15 kilograms.

Scientists are now analyzing the find as a possible meteorite. Meteors are generally made up of rock and dust that usually burn up as they pass the Earth’s atmosphere.

The ones that survive the fall are called meteorites.

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