Residents living in apartment complexes on Fourth Main Road extension were in for a rude shock when they received electric bills for amounts in multiple times of the bill. Some of the residents received  bills 13 times the original amount.
Residents who received bills amounting to Rs.2,000 got bills for Rs. 13,000 plus. Another resident who use to receive bills of Rs.7,000 got a bill for double the amount. A house owner said his tenant received an electric bill for Rs.27,000, whose normal bill amounted to Rs.2,000 . The residents have complained to the local electricity board office but say no action has been taken by the officials. The bill has to be paid by August 6.

An official of Tangedco said that they were  about to  receive an analysis report in a couple of days. If the meter was found to be faulty, they would change it. Otherwise, strict action would be taken against the staff for wrong entry of data, if that had caused the mistake.

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