Greenland is often perceived as a land which is icy, and has a harsh and forbidding landscape. However, that image changed in the minds of many when the ice sheet had an extraordinary melt-down. According to scientists, there appears to be  60 per cent of the expansive ice cover melting on the surface.

July 31 was the biggest ‘melt’ day with about 60 per cent of the ice sheet melting away, witnessing at least a 1 millimeter met on the surface. More than 10 billions of ice had surface melting and was lost to the ocean. According to the Danish meteorological institute, the Greenland ice sheet sent 197 billion tons of water pouring into the Atlantic ocean.

This ice-melt is enough to raise the sea -level by 0.1 millimeter or 0.02 inches, which although it may seem insignificant, may prove to be a launchpad for storms that can flood coastal infrastructure, like it did the New York subway system, during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

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