Hangman Family Kin for Nirbhaya Case

Hangman Family Kin for Nirbhaya Case

The Tihar Jail is looking for a hangman for the four individuals convicted in the Nirbhaya case that took the nation by storm in December, 2012. The clemency petition filed by one of the four convicts Vinay Sharma was sent to the Delhi government who rejected it. It has been seven years since the horrific incident of rape and murder took place, and the parents are in a constant state of anguish, as the punishment has not been meted out so far.

Tihar Jail in the meanwhile has been on the look-out for a hangman as they do not have a person for the job in-house.  A jail in Buxar district of Bihar has the expertise in manufacturing execution ropes and have been asked to keep 10 pieces ready by this weekend. Authorities said they have been instructed to keep the pieces ready by December 14.

A policeman from Tamil Nadu has meanwhile, offered to play the role of the hangman in case Tihar Jail was unable to access one. 42 year-old S. Subash Srinivasan , a native of Sivaganga district has reportedly offered his services in a letter sent through registered post. The letter was addressed to the Deputy General of Police, Tihar Jail,  offering to hang the four convicts on death row in the Nirbhaya case.

Mr. Srinivas said he wanted to volunteer for the job as a strong message needed to be sent to people; that if they commit heinous crimes, they cannot escape the law. This policeman from Tamil Nadu has been involved in social service since 2004.

The onus however is most likely to fall on the family of Mammu Jalad, the last official hangman of Tihar Jail. The family for generations has been into the business. A family of hangmen, Mammu's grandfather Ram Rakh and father Kallu have been in the business. With no one else left for the job, the onus falls on Kallu's son, Pawan, who is the only certified hangman in Uttara Pradesh and is attached to the Meerut jail. In all likelihood, Tihar jail authorities will call on him once the black warrant has been issued, and the decks cleared for the hanging.