The environment at large is at great risk, thanks to human interference, reckless negligence, indifference and the insatiable greed to destroy, in order to possess. The natural components of air water, soil and the flora and fauna are slowly becoming extinct, even as human population is multiplying rapidly. Global warming has become rapid. Greenhouse gases and carbon monoxide are contributing their mite to ensure the degeneration is faster.

In the wake of increasing global warming, the oceans of the world are rising, a direct fall-out of melting glaciers, due to rising temperatures. Recently, the Greenland Ice Sheet melted to pour over 197 billion tons of water into the Atlantic Ocean in July.This is a grave reminder of our changing planet.

The melting glaciers have had unexpected consequences though. They have helped the police recover bodies of several missing persons. The phenomenon of melting glaciers is helping the authorities close cases of people that have remained unsolved for years, or even decades. The freezing temperatures have helped preserve the bodies and prevented them from the onslaught of bacteria, and decay. So, the well-preserved bodies have been helping authorities to identify them.

One of the most surprising discoveries made by hikers in the Alps, was the still-intact body of a man who had died 5,300 years ago. Due to climate change and global warming,  more and more bodies are being exposed and discovered by climbers; helping the authorities to identify them and close cases of persons, missing for great lengths of time.

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