It is the story of a miraculous survival by a  fisherman, whose trawler FB Nayan-1, sank in a storm in the Bay of Bengal. Rabindranath Das’s trawler was one among other vessels that had left Kakdwip  last week, despite warnings of extreme weather conditions by the authorities.

The storm occurred and the hapless fishermen were pushed across the International Maritime Boundary into Bangladeshi waters. Three other trawlers had capsized and several fishermen were reported missing. Das managed to stay afloat in the choppy waters for four days, when he was spotted by a Bangladeshi vessel, MW Jawad, close to the Kutubdia island of Chittagong, nearly 600 kilometers away from Kakdwip.

Most of the fishermen were picked up by Bangladeshi  vessels over the next few hours. Attempts to get close to Das to pull him aboard failed, as he tended to float away, every time the ship approached. Finally, the ship caught up with him nearly three nautical miles away, from where he was first spotted. He was thrown a life jacket and hauled aboard a couple  of hours later. The crew of the ship later alerted the Bangladesh Navy and the Coast Guard.

Das was provided first-aid, clothes and food aboard the rescue ship and later shifted to hospital. The story stunned his rescuers and families of other missing fishermen from Kakdwip, who are hopeful that they may survive.

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