The UAE is a country that has come up admirably on it’s natural resources and is also known for it’s stringent laws and their implementation. Motoring laws are severe and any deviation from road and traffic rules can result in severe penalties. The latest rule to be added is for automobile owners to keep their vehicles clean.

Parking a dirty car on public roads could incite a fine of 500 dirhams (Rs.9000).Any dirty car parked in public parking spaces will be hauled up. the Dubai Municipal Corporation have made themselves very clear on the issue, stating that dirty card will spoil the aesthetics of the city. Reminders are also issued to residents who plan to go on long holidays.

Municipality inspectors are already out checking for stranded cars and sticking notices on their windscreens. The owners have been given a further 15 days notification to clean their vehicles; else they will be towed away by the authorities. If the owner fails to contact them the municipality will then proceed to auction the car.

Dubai is one of  the most prominent holiday destinations in the world, and is a strong contributor to the country’s economy through tourism. The steps taken by the Dubai Municipality is to ensure that the city preserves it’s aesthetics and always remains attractive for tourists.

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