There are some moments in life where we find ourselves taking turns that lead us to most unexpected outcomes. Recently, a heart-warming story in Mumbai emerged about a young woman studying law in college. While there is nothing extraordinary about that; the background is more interesting. The girl’s father was very interested to study law in his youth, but as his family could not afford it, he became a consultant at a firm instead.

Once his daughter took up law, the father started to express interest in her classes and subjects, so much so that he too realized he had time, and chose to attend college.  The father is the junior of the two students in law college.

The father-daughter duo have a lot of fun in college as they discuss professors, class-mates, assignments and tests. The daughter said it made her very happy to see her father revive his passion for the subject. The daughter said she could not wait to see the day, when the two of them would start practicing law together.

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