Get the look right at work but keep your personal style

You may want to look your best when you go to work, or have to attend a meeting. It does not necessarily mean a complete formal attire, because in recent times, people do keep things simple and casual, without going overboard either way.

For those entering an office space for the first time it can be unnerving, when they start on an internship or a job. Try to get the ‘business casual’ right, while trying to maintain your personal style.

Try to get to know your industry well first, as different industries have different interpretations of dress codes. In a more corporate sector, the dress sense may have to be more formal, but if you are in a more creative industry like advertising or public relations, you have more freedom to express your personal style.

Dress for the job you want. You would want to look the way the company is looking to put you, in front of clients.
One need not wear a formal business skirt suit all the time to impress upon others about your professionalism. If you do wear a pant-suit, it need not be boring; play around with the cuts and silhouettes.

Basics can go a long way, as most offices do admit some leeway when it comes to personal style. It is all about balance. Be creative with the top or bottom; never both. You can afford to go a bit cool or flashy with the top and wear a more neutral pair of pants in thick khaki, black, charcoal or navy. A plain crisp shirt can accompany a pair of plaid pants.

Printed skirts and solid tees, a good pair of slouchy pants with a substantial belt, long button-down cotton shirts, can go a long way paired with classic slacks.

A pair of cropped trousers with a slightly high neck-line top with full sleeves, can be casual yet slick. Pair it with a classic bag and a pair of kitten heels, and you are ready to go. A simple solid-toned blouse, fitted skinny jeans and canvas soles will do, when the day has no added frills or formality about it.

Finance and consultation jobs require more severe dressing in neutral colours that include black, grey, khaki and navy. The look can be topped off by a blazer. Those in government, health and education can afford to be more casual with pencil skirts, cropped pants and shift dresses. Florals will be popular choices for summer. Bright plaids with jeans can be a ‘go-to’.

Those in media, advertising and fashion can keep the look together and polished. Sophisticated jumpsuits and faux leather jackets go a long way . While one can wear lace and eyelet, it is important to finish the look. Are you comfortable with what you are wearing? Play it safe and slowly adapt to your office surroundings. But keep your personal style; you are sure to get it right.

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