U.S. President Donald Trump’s obsession with building a wall along the border separating the United States and Mexico, is facing severe opposition in the Congress, as well as by the opposition Democrats, apart from a fuming public.

That the Trump administration is trying to use the bulk of taxpayers’ money to construct this wall, to prevent illegal migration into the U.S. by Mexicans, has not been perceived favourably.

To highlight this wasteful adventure by the current administration, Canadian artist Cosimo Cavallaro is building a wall near the border that separates the two countries. Cavallaro is using blocks of expired cheese and is dependent on GoFundMe to acquire more blocks of cheese, from the Mexican state of Michoacan to complete his structure, that stands five feet tall. Each block of cheese costs approximately $100.

58 year-old Cavallaro said that he would be delighted to receive a donation from President Trump, who had made the promise of putting up the border wall; the centre-piece of his 2016 election campaign.

“It is a little bit of waste to highlight and acknowledge a waste,” said Mr. Cavallaro. The main objective of the sculptor and film-maker is to convey a message of solidarity to the people.

The artist said that when he first arrived in Tekate, the sight of the reinforced fence topped with barbed wire depressed him. It brought him vivid memories of a concentration camp environment. US Border Patrol agents in the area have not interfered with Mr. Cavallaro’s project.

While Mr Cavallaro wants the wall to roughly extend 300 metres along the border, the final shape of the project will be determined by the amount donated by people to the GoFundMe page.

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