The United States of America has seen two incidents of shooting, 13 hours of bloodshed with 30 people killed. It is an acknowledged fact that mass shootings are not new to the country and they happen everywhere.  A shooting took place in giant retailer Walmart in near the Cielo Vista Mall, in El Paso, Texas. Within 24 hours, another mass shooting took place in Dayton, Ohio. The suspected Texas shooter was a white nationalist who had posted white supremacist sentiments on social media. The Ohio shooter however, did not seem to have any ideology attached. For decades, American men, women and children have been cut down by bullets for no reason at all.

The U.S. Government, besides expressing shock and going behind the perpetrators have done precious little to stop the mass shootings. The gun laws in the U.S. are flexible and lax in many states, making it easier for individuals to possess guns and then all hell breaks loose. The nation’s leaders are often in a paralysis that appears perennial. Gunmen have gone on the rampage  killing first graders in school, music fans at a concert,  people at a gay night club, a food festival, among others.

Presidents offer condolences but appear to do very little to address this serious concern. Democrats are blaming President Trump for his acceptance of white nationalists and for creating a climate of ‘hate’ . The president was rallying to build a beautiful wall to keep out Mexican migrants and the rhetoric caught on when he asked four women serving in the U.S. Congress from minority communities, to ‘go back’ to their ‘crime-infested countries’.  The president has been blamed for stoking fears, hatred and bigotry.

The U.S. government has neither focused nor had any proper approach to the mass shootings.  President Trump has conversely, encouraged gun possession as he states that people need to protect themselves against such attacks, otherwise they would be ‘sitting ducks’. U.S. law makers simply haven’t done enough to bring down the crime rate,  or just say ‘no’ to the gun lobby. It is not clear whether the new system of background checks will halt or control mass shootings. Americans have to address the fact that gun crimes and mass shootings will be part of their lives; it would be chilling to say ‘normal’.

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