Make this monsoon vibrant and fun with colors and quirky styles…

Don’t let the rains get to you. Enjoy the weather. While the dull, grey skies may unleash torrential rains, don’t let it dampen your spirits. You can make the monsoons fun by adding your bit. Bring out the spark and go for some vibrancy with some vibrant colored t.shirts.Let them be quirky with some fun logos and slogans; you can avoid whites and pastel shades to avoid getting them dirty.

As far as bottoms are concerned, avoid lengths and ensure your trousers are are slim fitted and narrowed at the bottom. Go for pants folded at the hem and Bermuda shorts. You can wear anything above the ankles.

You can wear shirts checked, striped, but avoid anything that stains or blots. Wear a longer outer jacket that is water resistant. Classic trench coats will be ideal for the monsoons, and they complement any sort of formal or semi-formal wear.

As far as accessories are concerned, do not go for anything that spoils in the rains. Avoid laptop bags and instead, buy some water-proof and funky  bags.Perhaps a classy duffle bag or two can keep your valuable electronics stuff safe from the rainwater.

Avoid leather footwear in rainy seasons. Go for PVC material with thicker and wider soles. It is preferable to keep your hair short and opt for some trendy styles. Perhaps some interesting headgear like caps may suite the occasion. What is a rainy day without a parasol? Go for some stylish and bold neon, stripes, patterned or bold checked umbrellas.

Have your share of fun and splash in the rains, but ensure you are all the better equipped for the monsoons.

A Vibrant Monsoon

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