Casual and street styling can be neutral with a pop of colour and patches

While most of us think of fashion as something only for the rich and the famous, and give it that ‘hi-fi’tag, the truth is that most frontliners are not far from the herd, and don’t dress a world away from us.

If one looks closely enough, we can find that many of the ‘looks’ are wearable, up to the minute, and anything worn correctly, can always ‘up’ the scales in your favour. Street style trends are all about this.

Neutrals are playing the keys with a bare minimum, and although they may seem like a bland palette, in actual practice, they are extremely palatable.Even if you want to wear neutrals from head to toe, the different tones offer a lot of variance in terms of visual optic. Shades like camel, off-white and coffee can be worn with ease, when they are complemented with various hues and tones.

Neutrals have always been considered safe territory, and they have a versatility about them, that has led them to be ‘trend-led’ colours. Some bright pops of colour add that extra something to the whole attire, if combined with neutrals.

If you want to be a ‘stand-out’ with casual wear on the streets, patches are the latest ‘zing’. Patches can be incorporated into the wardrobe in a seamless way, and you need not set out to the store to find a tee, by the latest designer. You can take any old t.shirt and paste patches on it in desired positions.

Track jackets and military jackets are also good for attaching funky patches. Denim patches are very versatile and men can style patch denims, on solid coloured shirts, tees, and jackets. Patches used on leather and bomber jackets give the instant aura of a rockstar. A crew neck t.shirt and a pair of ripped jeans is all that is needed, and one is ready to go.

Denim jackets are ideal for patch outfit styling, and make one stand out in a crowd. Youngsters want to rock not only their look but also their accessories, and the backpack is ideal for attaching patches. Plain and solid shirts can be made trendier with patches. One of the coolest looks is to have patches on shorts. Add frayed edges, and the trimmings go all out to rock your style!

Should patches be restricted to clothing only? Sneakers are the best choice for casual and street clothing and they too, can be adorned with patches to make a style statement.

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